Use Your Smartphone to Its Fullest Potential

Want to turn your smartphone or tablet into a computer? If you need to get work done on the fly, but don't want to lug around a laptop, Manhattan USB On-The-Go (OTG) products can significantly change how you use your mobile electronic device. Simply plug the adapter into your phone or tablet, and OTG technology offers up even more remarkable capabilities to an already remarkable device. Connect via USB to a keyboard, mouse and printer for a computer set-up that rivals your lap- or desktop. Or, with the touch of a button, send videos and photos from your personal handheld device to an external drive and vice versa. If you're looking for a way to reduce weight and space in your backpack or briefcase, On-The-Go is the way to go!

Before we go any further, this post is for folks who own Android, Blackberry or other OTG-enabled devices. (Unfortunately, Apple does not support OTG technology.) To find out if yours is OTG-compliant, there are a couple ways to do so. The first is the obvious—the markings on the original packaging of your device. If you see a blue and green graphic in the form of a USB connector saying "Certified-USB On-The-Go," your device is compatible. The second option—if you've discarded your device's packaging—is to use an app that checks compatibility.See this link for an example.

Once you know your device is compatible, identify which OTG imPORT adapter will be best for you. Here's a brief rundown of our selection. Click on the links to learn more about each type:

The Dock and the Hub offer high-level functionality to enhance what you can do with OTG.
The Dock
Perhaps the most impressive, the Dock features a sturdy, front-facing stand for your phone or tablet. It has three USB 2.0 ports and offers SecureDigital (SD), MicroSD, CompactFlash (CF) and MS Pro Duo data card slots. A USB Micro-B/5V DC port allows you to charge your device while you work.

The Hub
If you want to connect a mouse, a keyboard and a printer with USB 2.0 but don't need a stand, the Hub is your best bet. It also offers one SD and one MicroSD slot for data card reading and writing.

For mid-level functionality, the Link and the Reader fit the bill.
The Link
This adapter has one USB 2.0 port, one SD and one MicroSD slot. The Link provides the basics of a flash-drive connection and the standard card-reader ports.

The Reader
If you plan to use your OTG device as a flash-drive, the Reader is the right choice for you. Plug it into your computer via the USB port. Think of it as the reverse of the Link.

For the space-saving OTG capability, the SD and USB are all you'll need.
The SD
Want to transfer data, photos, videos and the like from and to your phone or tablet? The SD has one SD and one MicroSD slot for quick archiving and updating of your personal data.

Need to work on important files from your flash-drive using your phone? The single-port USB adapter makes file management, creation and storage easy.

To make your life easier (and lighter, and to save you space), we anticipated the adapter you might need for the most common scenarios. With excellent quality, Manhattan OTG ensures that staying productive is always your focus.
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